West michigan custom home design
About Us
Mark G. Phillips
My Wife Donna and I have lived and raised our family here in West Michigan for the past 30 years. My design career started in Petoskey, Michigan, 34 years ago with Town and Country Cedar Homes.  Moving to West Michigan afforded me the opportunity to work with a few Architectural firms and Home Builders.

These experiences helped to expand my knowledge of home design and construction Management.
I feel part of my service is not only to design a home for my clients, but also to educate them about the building process as well.

My Love for designing new homes and additions provides a personal satisfaction every time I sit down with a new client to help them develop their dream into a home.
Customers Satisfaction:
Turning a home conception into a reality brings me great joy. My clients comment on a regular basis how well I pay attention to their requests.
As a father of five, I am personally familiar with the needs of a family at each stage of life. Home designs are part of the living element in one’s life. Your home needs to be able to adapt and change as you do. 

My approach to a design starts with a discussion with the client on their point of life. Are you newly weds wanting to build their first home? Are you an empty nester, looking to downsize or create a home for family gatherings? Whether at either end of the spectrum I can help guide my client to think about how they will use this home now and in the future. 
Builders Satisfaction:
With the rising cost of construction a Builder has to trust the plans he is working from to control cost. My designs provide a clean print that allows more accurate bidding and cost control.

Builders comment on how clean and accurate my designs layout. My plans are fully dimensioned with a structural design clearly indicated. Beam locations are noted with structural support carried down to the foundation. 

I review my work for HVAC paths.  My plans also provide sections detailing how the structures are to be built.